RECIPE: Smoothie/Juice with Greens and Summer Fruits

The idea of eating seasonally has become more popular recently (this is interesting considering the fact that 200 years ago people could only eat whatever food was available each season because of limitations in preservation and storage). Many of us are used to eating whatever produce or other foods we want year-round! But, when we eat a food that is out of season, we are usually eating something that has been grown far away, sprayed with chemicals and shipped across many miles to reach our local grocery store. By the time it reaches us, the amount of nutrients and antioxidants in that food has decreased. Additionally, that food may take the place of more seasonal foods that we could be including in our meals and snacks.

Meals that consist of mostly seasonal produce provide us with the antioxidants and nutrients we need throughout different seasons of the year. Incorporating variety in your meals and snacks gives you the opportunity to include a wide array of antioxidants, amino acids, phytonutrients and other compounds that our bodies need for repair, maintenance, strength and energy. Aim to include one or two different seasonal vegetables or fruits in your meals each week for health, variety and great flavor.

Below I’m including a simple, no-sugar-added smoothie recipe made with summer fruits and veggies to get you feeling energized for the fun summer months ahead! If this is not sweet enough for you, consider adding more berries or 1 Tablespoon honey.

Energy Booster Smoothie

2-3 cups butter lettuce

1-2 stalks celery

1-2 cups berries, your choice

1/2 lemon

1 scoop Greens powder, if desired for an extra boost

You can blend this or juice this depending on the texture you want or the machine you have access to. I like to mix it up. Blending allows you to retain the fiber, but juicing may produce a more tolerable texture (eliminate the greens powder if juicing). You may also need to add a bit of water to this for smoothness. Using frozen berries is preferred for a blended smoothie, whereas fresh berries produce a better juice.



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