What Weight Gain? Avoid Those Extra Pounds and Enjoy the Holiday Healthfully

During this time of year, I work with almost every one of my clients on their holiday weight management strategy. Controlling our indulgences and our weight is not an easy task. It seems that after Halloween, we are bombarded with holiday foods all the time. It’s not that we indulge only on the actual holiday. We are indulging for about six to eight weeks!! I tell my clients that this does not HAVE to happen this way. Controlling weight gain, while also enjoying some of the holidays’ best treats, is completely possible. It just takes a little planning and prioritizing.

1. First, if you want to splurge on holiday goodies, commit to indulging more fully only on the actual day of each holiday (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc…). This strategy can be difficult for some, but it is super effective. Imagine the calories and pounds we would save ourselves if we only indulged on the day of each holiday!

2. Next, plan your smaller indulgences each week. I usually recommend that you allow yourself a small serving of one of your favorite holiday treats per week. Over the course of the holiday season, which now seems to stretch from Halloween to New Years Day, this allows you about 8 weeks to incorporate your favorite things in healthy portions. That’s a lot of time to enjoy these treats. No need to down all the sugar in one sitting!

3. Stay on your regular diet track in between these indulgences. Many people make the mistake of indulging with large portions more frequently than is safe to maintain or lose weight. Committing to your regular diet routine in between planned indulgences keeps your energy steady, weight gain minimal to none and general nutrition habits intact. By the time New Years Day rolls around, you won’t be scavenging the internet for a quick weight loss plan (goodbye bloat!!).

4. And finally, erase those notions that you have to gain weight during the holidays. Not so. Choose to take care of yourself by putting your health on the calendar! Subtract the bloat, fatigue and weight gain from the holiday equation. Enjoy the season with good health.


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