2016 Holiday Gift Guide for That Fit and Healthy Loved One In Your Life

If you’re like me, finding great Christmas gifts for each of your loved ones can be a challenge. And it can be even more difficult when someone is following a special diet, trying to lose weight, battling a medical condition, or simply trying to live more healthfully. To make it a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite holiday gifts for that fit and healthy one in your life.



As you may have already heard, this smart little tracker helps you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by monitoring your steps, other activities, energy expenditure and diet. Ranging from everyday use to active and performance level trackers, there’s a tracker for every health and fitness level!


Cordless Headphones


To the dismay of some, Apple launched their iPhone 7 with no headphone jack this past fall, forcing customers to adopt the cordless lifestyle. However, cordless headphones can benefit runners because they remove the annoyance of “the swing” during a run. And they aren’t just available for use with the iPhone. Bose and LG both offer cordless headphones that work with any smartphone.


fabletics_logo    fabletics

Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand is my favorite, hands down. With a VIP membership, your loved one can work out in style with a new outfit of the month, every month, at a reduced retail price. And what makes it so convenient is that they can skip a month whenever they want to–no mandatory purchases or penalties! And every purchase brings along credits toward a free outfit. Win, win, win.


nutribullet-logo  smoothie

Super easy. Super fresh. Super healthy. The NutriBullet puts almost any other blender to shame. Smoothie texture is excellent, and it’s mess-free! Simply sip from the container that you blend in. Also, your purchase comes with a booklet of delicious, healthy smoothie recipes.


provenance-meals-logo  provenance-meals-wellness-shop-detox-box

This Brooklyn-based meal delivery service specializes in healthy, organic, whole food-based meals and gifts, including these wellness boxes they just launched. Choose from the Superfood Smoothie, Beauty or Detox boxes for a self-care gift that will help your loved one start the new year right! And if you want to try out their fresh and healthy meals, choose from a variety of packages and apply MINCHEN20 at checkout for 20% off your order.


fab-fit-fun-logo   img_20160721_100007

Looking for the whole package? Beauty, health and fitness together? Fab Fit Fun boxes are the way to go. Each quarterly box is filled with a variety of goodies, like healthy snacks, workout gear, face cleansers and creams, mascara, lip colors, and fragrances. A year’s subscription provides four boxes chock full of great samplers for someone who is looking to switch up their health and beauty routine with fresh products.



You may have heard of this delightful little machine by now. While it does offer syrups and flavors to create your own sodas at home, you can also choose the plain seltzer option (and add your own lemon or lime). Help your loved one meet their hydration goals with Soda Stream!

Running Shoes


The Nike Free collection is my favorite by far. Supreme comfort and flexibility while allowing you to feel the ground you’re running on. Nike has built a durable shoe with this line, boasting about 500 miles on standard concrete or asphalt (trail running may decrease this number by 100-200 miles). There are also tens of different designs and styles for the fit fashionista on your list.


David’s Tea The Matcha Essentials 

davids-tea-matcha-essentials   davids-tea-blueberry-matcha

This is the perfect gift for the green tea lover. Matcha tea is an antioxidant-rich, fat-burning powder form of green tea, and David’s Tea offers the perfect starter kit with the bowl, whisk and spoon to make your matcha at home. Pair this essentials kit with David’s blueberry or mint matcha flavors for the perfect gift.


Serene Living Obsidian Glass Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential oils continue to gain popularity as they show their effectiveness with stress relief, deeper sleep, blood pressure reduction, anxiety reduction, and better focus. This Serene Living diffuser is quiet, and it preserves the oil’s integrity since it uses no heat to diffuse. It can hold up to 5 ounces of essential oil and run up to 5 hours in continuous or interval mode. A great gift to give your loved one for a fresh and relaxing home or office environment!


Gym Membership


You have your pick with this one! From a simple membership for the beginner (think Planet Fitness) to the local boutique cycling studio to the standard high demand gym (Equinox or Gold’s Gym), purchasing a year’s membership for your loved one is a great investment in their health and wellness. With a membership, they may have access to an array of fitness services, including weight and cardio machines, classes, personal trainers, and wellness workshops.


Entry Fee For Marathon of Their Choice


This is a unique gift, but one that your marathon-running loved one will appreciate. Entree fees are not cheap (New York’s marathon is over $200 to enter), so paying his portion can be the perfect way to let him know his achievements don’t go unnoticed!


Jogging Stroller 

Have a runner in your life who just had a baby? A jogging stroller can be the perfect gift to help them get back in the game with their new little one. The best all-around strollers available are the Thule Urban Glide and the BOB Revolution Flex. Both of these strollers offer a great blend of maneuverability with durability, while also being great for everyday use.


Sessions with a Personal Trainer and/or Nutritionist


Most trainers and nutritionists offer packages, especially around the holiday season. Gifting your loved one with a 3- or 5-session personal training or nutrition package can help them focus, tweak their form, improve their diet, and achieve their next health and wellness goals.


Tennis lessons


A classic gift that’s a great option for any skill level! And like a PT or nutritionist, tennis centers and instructors often offer packages, as well as group classes.


Thrive Market membership


This is another unusual gift, but it’s actually a great option! Thrive Market is an online, organic market that offers high quality food, health and beauty products at a discount for members. A year’s ($59.95) membership provides discounts on organic products and sponsors a free membership for a low-income family.


Genetic Testing for Fitness and Weight Loss


This is a great gift for the future-thinking, health conscious friend or family member. Genetic testing is the wave of the healthcare future, and current tests can provide insight into how you burn fat, how your body responds to carbohydrates, how many grams of protein you need for muscle growth, how you use the B vitamin folate, if you’re better suited to HIIT workouts or steady-state cardio, if you’re intolerant to certain foods, the chronic conditions you’re prone to, etc. For someone looking to age gracefully and healthfully, or for someone looking to maximize their fitness, these genetic tests provide the answers. Personal trainers, nutritionists, and general practitioners are beginning to offer these tests to help with interpreting results; however, you can also purchase a kit directly.


Magazine Subscription


Take your pick: Shape, Women’s/Men’s Health, Self, Oxygen, Strong, Health, Eating Well, Paleo Magazine, Vegetarian Times, Fitness Rx, Bodybuilding, etc. A subscription to your loved one’s favorite publication is a great stocking stuffer!


Workout Gear


Socks, gloves, free weights, bands, kettlebells, yoga mats, yoga blocks, bosu balls, and at-home DVDs all make for great gifts that your loved one is sure to put to good use. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s, and Bass Pro Shops are some of my favorite places to find all the workout goodies you need.


Culinary Classes


Give the gift of healthy cooking this season! Culinary classes build competency, confidence and repertoire in the kitchen. Not to mention, they’re fun! Culinary institutes, nutritionists, and chefs often offer culinary classes one at a time or in packages, and the classes can make a great gift for a healthy couple.


Wellness Retreat


Need a stress-relieving gift for that overworked loved one? Think Canyon Ranch. Or Post Ranch Inn, The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Hidden Pond, Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa, The BodyHoliday, Carillon Miami Beach, SkyTerra Wellness. Massages, good food, yoga, nature, and beautiful accommodations are just a few of the luxurious perks that these destinations have in common.


Now get shoppin’!


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