Lauren Minchen is an entrepreneur, Registered Dietitian, writer, and blogger in New York City, having a wide range of professional experience with nutrition-related diseases and conditions, including eating disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive diseases, hormonal disorders, menopause, dementia/Alzheimer’s, cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity, sports nutrition, and pre- and post-natal nutrition. At Lauren Minchen Nutrition, Lauren provides clients with one-on-one consulting and counseling sessions. She also offers her expertise as a consultant on nutritional supplements and other nutrition-related products and topics.

Lauren is also the founder and President of Golda Bar, Inc., a whole food-based nutrition bar. Lauren founded the company in January of 2016 and successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign for Golda Bar that same month. The company’s first flavor, Cacao Almond, was introduced in February. The bar consists of grass-fed whey protein, organic almond butter, organic coconut oil, soluble and prebiotic fiber, and Stevia. It contains only 2 grams of sugar, 15 grams protein, and 15 grams fiber for a filling snack that supports healthy blood sugar and controls appetite. Lauren’s mission for Golda Bar is to provide a truly clean snack–no compromises.Golda Bar’s promise is to provide whole-food, low sugar bars that are free of artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, GMOs, gluten, and artificial coloring and flavoring. Stay tuned for Golda Bar’s new flavor, Hint of Peppemint, set to be released in June!

With a background in communications and theater, Lauren has a strong passion for writing both non-fiction, fiction, and memoir. She is also building her skills in screenwriting. Her most recent passion has been sharing her very personal story of walking through her sister’s addiction and subsequent death in 2015. To read more, visit Lauren’s blog, An Addict’s Sister. Lauren’s hope is that through the blog, readers will understand that her sister was so much more than an addict. She also wants other brothers and sisters who have lost a sibling to understand that they’re not alone.






Lauren Minchen Nutrition

280 Madison Avenue Suite 806

New York, NY 10016


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